In the summer of 2015, I interned at Motiv, a design firm in South Boston. This company that does many different kinds of design work, but my internship was focused primarily on product design. My main project was designing an in-home sweet potato fry cutter for a kitchen accessory company. This project was different from anything I had done before because I had to consider not only the functionality but also the user interface, its appearance and the manufacturing process as I was designing. The item would ultimately be injection molded, which meant I had to consider the type of material, how the molds would come together, and create designs with draft angles and uniform thicknesses. I generated many different CAD models of my designs and prototyped some of them. This project was very meaningful to me, because I got to work on something that many people would use.


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Edgerton Center

The summer after my sophomore year I participated in MIT's Edgerton Center engineering design workshop. I teamed up with 3 other students all wanting to create something using light and photography. I had the idea of making a machine that could be photographed with long exposure times to create light painted images and we decided to run with this idea. We found that it had been done before in 2 dimensions so we decided we should improve upon this by making ours 3D. My role was to design and build the actual machine and its mechanical functions, while others worked on the electronics and programming.


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Stem Latino Drone Porgram

In the summer of 2015 I assisted in teaching a summer program in Lawrence, MA for middle school students. The program included exploration of drone operation, instruction in flying, assistance in building and filming and editing aerial video of Lawrence. We aimed to inspire a passion for learning within the students and show them how fun engineering can be.